Corporate culture: integrity, steadfast, good quality, first class!
Enterprise spirit: industrious and thrifty, fighting innovation, the good faith as this, the quality first!
Business philosophy: the pursuit of excellence, advancing with The Times and endless future!
Values: the pursuit of value is the starting point of our work, create value is our power and realize the value of life is our permanent pursuit!
Objective: dig customer resource is the basis of the work, cooperation, interaction is the process of our work; To save cost, the profit maximization, the high quality service, keep pace with The Times is the focus of our work, three win is the result of our work.
Team concept: the target direction, weight, leading the tacit understanding trust, risk-sharing.

Xinyun people not content with the status quo, expected to occupy more market share in the international market, let the children and the player in all countries of the world with new cloud toys will become cloud is not the pursuit of the vector, implemented "in the world, wooden toys to see China; in China, the wooden toys watching clouds; in the cloud and see the new cloud wooden toys." The grand goal.

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