Hand in hand together to build the infant child products B2C SHANGHAIYUNJIA XINYUN group the first brand
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ZHEJIANGXINYUN wood industry group and SHENGHAIYUNJIA network technology co., LTD., club has announced a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop the market, is committed to building China's infant child with former one vertical B2C mall "star" brand.ZHEJIANGXINYUN wood industry group, involving wooden toys, infant child products and other industries. The bilateral cooperation purpose is to use electronic commerce brand dissemination way of rapid, efficient, integrate the infant child supplies industry resources, pull the industry domestic demand and put out more domestic independent brands.
According to project director MIAOCAO, "star" of the target group is mainly for pregnant women and preschool children, the main product categories include maternal and child related toys, clothing, clothing, daily necessities, electrical appliances this five categories.The meaning of the "star" is to provide the most complete, most of the star product, for more future stars to provide best service and the most assured products, along with the growing of the mother and baby are healthy and happy.For star's strategic development planning, MIAOCAI, director of the teacher pointed out that, in the first place will be the biggest competitive advantage in order to develop their own layout, XINYUN group as the wooden toy industry leading already has more than 20 years of industry accumulation, the export of wooden toys also enjoys a high reputation in foreign countries, and has rich resources of industry, so early online with toy products as the main selling point to expand industry market.

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