• The process of wooden toys

    The process of wooden toys
    First of all, according to the opinions of the sales staff to make the toys product design: second, designers discuss, look at those opinions is feasible, the opinion is not possible, it is a process of screening and communicate with each other; Third, make sure the design of specific, began to specific design work;


  • The function of wooden toys

    The function of wooden toys
    Let the children improve the coordinating abilities of the hands and feet, body function such as hand-eye coordination, need training and gradually established, toy is one of the best training tools, such as children will be a box of lego bricks out of graphics, except to use the mind, and function of the hand to coope…


  • The benefits of wooden toys

    The benefits of wooden toys
    1, most of its raw materials come from natural, compared with other toys, fewer chemicals and, both green and environmental protection, a careful smell also contains light fragrance log.2, because of the diversity of the wood, so the wooden toy material is flexible and changeable, so make a wide range of wooden toys, p…


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