Every small toy’s production process involves many craft steps and every single step faces a very strict quality control.Xinyun believes that the quality of products is the life of their business.They always keep upgrading the newest equipments,have efficient management system for praise and punishment,and also follow the quality control system.They always finish their contracts on time with 100% quality.
Choosing materials
They choose the wood from forest of DaxingAnling.Those wood’s quality is excellent.They have the right hardness and fine color.After the treatment of temperature and humility,it does not change shape and can protect from the harm of microorganisms.
Control of materials
All Inc,glue,color are non-toxic materials,They are guaranteed for safety.
Safety control
All models of wooden toys have rounded corners for the safety season.
Xinyun is the first manufactory in Yunhe area who passed the test of ISO9001 for wooden toy manufactures in order to have the best control over each step in the production process.
Advanced equipments
Imported from ltaly.,the stoking machines are different from the original stoking process.It keeps the right temperature and humidity and easy to control with.

No matter it is small or big ,the process of producing a toy including over 10-100steps.Strict control of production and advanced technology are the guarantee of the growth of business.From the early of 90s the company increased the scope of production,renewed equipments with huge investments.Now it has over 1.000machines and equipments and 750.000sq.m production area.There are several workshops under the manufacture.

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